Online exhibition from 14.07.2021
Art Open Space Gallery
"Ones upon a time in Italy"
A collection of abstract and figurative drawings and paintings, which were made during the period of the Covid-19 Pandemic, beginning in 2020 to early 2021 in Imperia, Italy. The collection starts with a series of abstract paintings called "Primavera in Imperia" and develops into different kinds of figurative and abstract artworks; reflecting the moods and life vision of the artist during the lockdown period in Italy.

"Despite my main inspiration as an artist, I as a human being, felt during this time different from the very beginning. The unusual situation of severe restrictions on our everyday lives made us feel as innocent prisoners that were placed is a sphere to fight our worries, fears and anger. The overwhelming state of my nerves at some point blocked my worries, saving my life in abstract paintings of the beauty of Ligurian nature in spring. As such, that was the inspiration and start of the collection. While life started to become abit stable in its' instability, the human being reappeared as a main hero of my creativity. Interestingly, we are very different and similar at the same time. It is fascinating how we are able to cope with ourselves while succeeding to overcome different kind of experiences of life situations while maybe not succeeding in it. All the wide range of our emotions are reflected in our bodies. This is what I love to discover and observe".